You have reached the personal website of Theo Christiaanse – A Vancouver based dad, scientist, python dev, and runner.

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  • Notes – here you can find my notes on various topics.
  • Academic Publications – a complete list of academic publications I’ve written and contributed to.

A little bit more about me

My passion has been to work on challenging technical research projects and figure out the feasibility and viability of various technologies. Throughout this process, I’ve honed my ability to experimentally test and use computer models to validate ideas. I’ve actively been involved in deploying new technologies to the market in various start-up environments. I love researching and building new things and making things work – even if they seem impossible – while simultaneously, looking at how we can create a value proposition that delivers for our clients.

🛠️ I have a deep understanding of crafting precise test apparatuses and measurement systems. During my master’s degree and Ph.D., I obtained lots of experience in building bench-scale setups. They involved building fluid-tight devices, using alternating magnetic fields, to generate electricity or to pump heat. As an Engineer at Luminostix, I worked on upgrading an optical diagnosing system. All throughout we build measurement and control systems using either Labview or some custom solution using microcontrollers.

💻 My software journey through academic and commercial environments has equipped me with a strong foundation in software development. Most of the work I did was in Python; however, I have also worked with Matlab, C# and C++. I was exposed to quite a bit of Clojure and functional programming while working at OPEN Technologies. My Ph.D. work involved the creation of a CFD solution written in Python, and is open-sourced. During my postdoc, I worked on various applications of mixed-integer linear programming, optimization and surrogate modelling. I’m an expert in creating fast physics-based and applying machine-learning optimization models in Python. Recently, I’ve started working on applying Neural Networks to create digital twins of buildings for optimization problems.

🎓 As a dedicated educator, I’ve had the privilege of guiding and inspiring students. My role as a facilitator and teacher in academic settings has taught me the art of effective communication and the importance of fostering growth in others.

🎯 As a manager, I connected with people to build relationships and work with a team on large problems. I’m not just focused on task completion, but also understand how those tasks fit within a project goal, and the importance of documenting project KPIs for financial accounting, business projection, and progress tracking.

🎤 I’ve worked both in Europe and Canada, meaning I’m familiar with the work culture in Europe and North America. I’ve collaborated on multiple projects during my Ph.D. with teams across continents. And, worked at companies large and small.


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